Nuke 9.5.1 has dropped CocoaPods support and how to install from CocoaPods from now.

Apr 29, 2021 6:15 AM
Apr 29, 2021 6:06 AM

Nuke released 9.5.1 and that has dropped CocoaPods support.

I don't know why, assuming just pod trunk push takes a bit time for publishing. I recommend setting up publishing in GitHub Actions.

anyway, from now, how do we install Nuke with CocoaPods? A way we have is writing podspec in your repository,.

Actually, CocoaPods can install anything what you want if you ever write your own podspec.

This library does not support CocoaPods officially, but it explains manually installing by CocoaPods.

According to this, we can put the following podspec in your repository. do |s|             = 'Nuke'
    s.version          = '9.5.1'
    s.summary          = 'A powerful image loading and caching system'
    s.description  = <<-EOS
    A powerful image loading and caching system which makes simple tasks like loading images into views extremely simple, while also supporting more advanced features for more demanding apps.

    s.homepage         = ''
    s.license          = 'MIT'           = 'Alexander Grebenyuk'
    s.social_media_url = ''
    s.source           = { :git => '', :tag => s.version.to_s }

    s.swift_versions = ['5.1', '5.2', '5.3']

    s.ios.deployment_target = '11.0'
    s.watchos.deployment_target = '4.0'
    s.osx.deployment_target = '10.13'
    s.tvos.deployment_target = '11.0'

    s.source_files  = 'Sources/**/*'

pod 'Nuke', :podspec => 'path/to/Nuke.podspec'
Your Podfile

$ pod lib lint path/to/Nuke.podspec

So far, Nuke does not have specializing for SwiftPM. So we can still use CocoaPods with manually.