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Mar 20, 2021 7:28 PM
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Concurrency programming

Creating high-performance User Interface



  • How do I get a better performance in using fancy UI?
  • Why is it slow using cornerRadius?

Instruments’ Core Animation Tool has an option called Color Offscreen-Rendered Yellow that will color regions yellow that have been rendered with an offscreen buffer (this option is also available in the Simulator’s Debug menu). Be sure to also check Color Hits Green and Misses Red. Green is for whenever an offscreen buffer is reused, while red is for when it had to be re-created.

How to get high-performance corner rounding UI

Camera (Handling CVPixelBuffer)

Drawing CVPixelBuffer with Metal

CALayer backing store

Swift Performance

Swift Optimization tips from Swift group



event-loop or run-loop is a important keyword in iOS app development. It handles all of events (touch, gesture, tap) and scheduling operations and displays.

Xcode Building

Organizing modular packages

Xcode code writing